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Experience in Trucking 

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Harms Pacific trucks are equipped
with a complete set of safety gear.
This is to include rubber gloves, rubber boots, goggles, a safety shield, hard hat, rubber suit and respirator mask.

Our trucks are also equipped with a Spill Response Pack. These packs include absorbent pillows, snakes, rags and bags to contain any contaminated items.


We are Committed to Safety

Harms Pacific is a safety oriented company. Our commitment is a
guarantee to our customers.

Our drivers are trained by JJ Keller on the safety and handling of hazardous materials through classes and literature. All employees receive HM-126 training and certification every two years.

Safety questions can be directed to
our Safety Manger, Steve Dilley 

Mid Columbia Tank Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services


Hand Rinse
Rinse, Steam & Dry
Caustic Wash


Dry Bulk Trailers
Van Trailers


Drop Unloading Lines
Hose Cleaning
Pump Cleaning
External Trailer Wash
Tractor Wash

Long Hauls

No Trip to Far!

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About Us

Established in 1926, Harms Pacific Transport, INC. began with one truck, three owner operators and five trailers to haul liquid and dry fertilizers through out the central and western states.

In 1993 Harms added liquid chemicals to the commodies hauled. We now have a fleet of 25 trucks and 50 trailers. Gary Marquard and Steve Dilley are the Co-Owners of the company. We are licensed in seven western states with the entire hazard permits required. We are also licensed in Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.